My decision to start momentum family law arose not only as a lifestyle choice but a vision to create an innovative practice dedicated to providing families with practical solutions to complex issues, leading to positive outcomes.

In unique and challenging circumstances, I want my clients to feel safe, secure and in charge of their own futures. I understand how difficult it can be to tell a complete stranger that your relationship has ended and to ask for help moving forward. Having to answer questions about your finances or children may likewise feel invasive and insensitive.

For this reason, your initial consultation is an opportunity to ask questions and obtain advice, but also to rant, rave and cry if you so desire! My role is not to judge, but to assist by providing you with options moving forward.

Whilst on the subject of ‘lifestyle’, I read an article the other day, in which it was claimed that so many people choose to end their relationships in January that it is commonly referred to as ‘Divorce Month’. I don’t know how statistically sound this information may be, but after almost 25 years of working in family law, I have to agree that the post-Christmas holiday period traditionally brings about a spate of new enquiries.

The financial pressures of Christmas over-spending, post-holiday blues or simply a New Year’s resolution to start afresh, may all trigger this spike in separations. Whatever the reason, before separating, or consulting with a lawyer for the first time, there are ways in which you can (and should) prepare yourself for what is to come…

Coming soon … Your Separation Checklist